About the gala

“Don’t waste time learning the tricks of the profession; instead, learn the profession. And learn to listen. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.” With these words, John Glavin accepted the first Insurance Person of the Year award at the inaugural Salute banquet. Salute was founded in 1992 by Bill Earle of Insurancewest Media, Jack Hamilton of IBABC, Jim Ball of Reliance Insurance and Brian Wills of Axa Pacific.

The Salute Insurance Person of the Year Awards Gala has grown to become the premier, highly anticipated event of the BC insurance industry. Insurance professionals come together every year to recognize and celebrate someone who has made a significant contribution the BC’s insurance industry and their community.

In 2007 the Rising Star Award was introduced to honour an up and comer whose professional contributions and dedication to excellence have already made him or her a leader and role model in the insurance industry.

To support the growth of the insurance industry, Salute also awards two scholarships at the gala. The Roberta Kelly Memorial and BCIT Scholarships are given to two worthy students who are committed to furthering their education while acting as contributing members within our communities.

Recipients of the Insurance Person of the Year and the Rising Star awards, as well as the Roberta Kelly Memorial and BCIT Scholarships are awarded by the Salute Committee, a group of volunteers representing all areas of the insurance industry.

Many people have volunteered their time over the years to select the winners and organize the Salute Insurance Person of the Year banquet. The inaugural event in 1992 was organized by Anne Taylor, of Underwriters Adjustment Bureau, Ron Newcomb, of Kernaghan Adjusters, Fran McComb, of Reed Stenhouse, Diane Paxton, of Britannia Agencies, Brian Wills and Bill Earle, with Jim Ball acting as Committee Chair.

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